Thursday, August 09, 2007

Anime Iowa Swarm 07

Comixpress proofs
Originally uploaded by Metahari
We're heading out to Anime Iowa! We have Issue 3 of Tabloid Roulette/Merylion Factor!!

ComixPress really came through for us, delivering 13lbs of comics to us! We have fresh copies of Of2Minds, Temping Evil, and Issue 2 of Merylion Factor/Tabloid Roulette too!

There are some new prints from us and RainArc Rhapsody as well!

Please come by our table in the artist alley. Buying a book gets you a new sampler comic with pages from Issue 2 of Of Two Minds, Issue 1 of Deverish Also, and Issue 2 of Build Your Own Boyfriend (hey! A cute new character!!) - So you'll totally want to grab one of those before they're gone!

p.s. please bring pocky. we love pocky!