Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Studio Anti Thesis Color Biz Card

Studio Anti Thesis is going to Anime Iowa this week!!!

We are bringing the Antithezine #2, as well as a brand new book featuring the first 8 pages of Tabloid Roulette, and 9 pages of Kim's new comic Merylion Factor. There is also about 5 pages of a variety of sketches from the both of us. This is an offset press printed book, with a twocolor cover(green!)

It's really fabulous, and we hope you swing by AI and see us, and check out our books!

We also sponsored Lea Hernandez (of RumbleGirls and Girlamatic.com fame) to join us at the convention. We raised part of the money for a plane ticket by opening ourselves up for commissions!

It's really going to be a great time.